A Solemn Assembly is a time when we will start of the new year fasting, praying, and reflecting together as a church. Joel 2:15 says, “Blow a trumpet in Zion, consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly.” We will gather to fast and pray for spiritual renewal.



Fasting is abstaining from food for a period of time in order to seek God. The Hebrew word that is translated “fasting” is tsoom, which means to cover the mouth. Fasting is giving up the physical need for food to fulfill a greater spiritual need. Covering our mouths communicate to God that the reason we’re fasting (repentance, renewal, problematic issue, preparing for an experience, personal devotion, growing closer to Him, etc.) is so important that seeking Him takes precedence over eating. The key to fasting is making sure that we spend time with God in prayer, Scripture reading, and reflection. We should spend time with God at times that we would normally eat. Going without food and not taking time to seek God defeats the purpose of fasting.